Limited access to construction area and poor drainage of entire property to low flat areas along the house foundation and under the deck. Conditions were also ripe for insect problems with nearby woodlands that were adjacent to the home. Positive site features included good shade close to the woodlands (upper canopy), low levels of wind and complete privacy.



Pond, stream, and calming pool built tightly along and partially in existing natural woodlands. Use of very larger boulders, mixed round river aggregates and specimen hand picked stones which gives a sense of natural order. Water feature purposely positioned as close as possible to home, deck, and woodlands integrating the home to the water as though it was built next to a natural water element.

Fourteen pallets of hand picked weathered fieldstone were integrated into feature along with tons of mixed gravels and mature plantings, all keeping in scale with existing mature site. Highly successful result as it appears the water feature was there before the home was built.


Design a pond with four distinct attributes; lower basin, middle calming pool, babbling stream and bio falls. Take advantage of sloping topography towards home and construct a babbling stream that origins from an upper basin/bio falls. The contouring of yard now pitches water towards the side yard a‍‍‍nd safely away from property.  Locate pond in a natural low area right next to home and deck.